Spigot Plugins
I have been working on plugins (which are programmed in Java) for Spigot which can be used by server owners to customize their server. My most sophisticated plugin implements a whole survey system which server owners can use to get feedback from their players. My most popular plugin features over 4.000+ downloads and is being used on 200+ unique servers.

2018-02-14 16:39:59

As final assignment for computer science on Het Drachtster Lyceum we had to make a working application using VB.net, HTML, javascript and PHP. The choice was ours and we decided to make a working site that could be used by a pizzeria. The site offers a simple but powerfull layout where people can order pizzas. The amount in stock of each pizza tracked thus resulting in pizzas possible be sold out. Having no prior experience in PHP it was quite a challenge but we (mostly I) took the challenge and we made it work in the end.

2018-02-14 17:18:40

This site
Maybe a bit weird to stick it on here, but this site offers quite some functionalities. It features a portfolio. Items can be added on the fly, just by logging in and creating a new item. Items can also be edited and deleted. This site also features a file upload system for images and videos. The files get an unique id (uuid). When uploaded, the original name, uploader, and the time of upload is being put into a database.

2018-02-26 02:05:27