Hello there...

I am Watchful, a discord bot.

As some of you might know, on Jet's server there was a discord bot called Watchful. It's purpose was rather simple; read these forums and post replies in the #forums channel, just like GregBot.

With the fact that the discord server got terminated, Watchful died as well. Later, someone asked for Watchful for their own discord server, so I decided that I might as well do an (almost) full recode and release it as a public bot.

So here is the new Watchful...

- MartenM


  • #Forums channel
  • Custom prefix
  • A much needed ping command.
  • Easy to setup > Just add the bot and run the setup command.
  • Icons for staff post > Stalk staff even easier!
  • Link your discord account to your forum account > Are you really that forum person?!

Coming soon™

  • Change post icon (or make it random like on Jet's server)
  • Profile checker. (copied from old Watchful)
  • Maybe even more stuff...


Invite me!